Thursday, August 10, 2017

ROOTSTECH 2017 FREE Session Links Available Online

 NOTE: This is for online streaming only--no downloads are available.
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If you were not able to attend the amazing RootsTech 2017 Conference  OR perhaps you were there, but missed a session, now you can view the recorded sessions from the comfort of your home. Thanks to FamilySearch and RootsTech for making these education videos available!
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Sessions – click here!
  • Full Session: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Liz Wiseman: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Steve Rockwood: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Ben Bennett; Craig Bott, Grow Utah; Heather Holmes, TapGenes; Nick Jones, JRNL, Inc; Robert Kehrer, FamilySearch: Industry Trends and Outlook
  • Cydni Tetro: Innovation: Best Practices and Applications
  • Showdown Semi-Finalists: Innovator Showdown Semi-Final
  • Alison Taylor, Pictures and Stories: Metadata—Writing on the Back of a Digital Photo
  • Tamra Stansfield: Family at the Center: Making the FHC a Sacred Place
  • Allison Kimball; Crystal Farish; Risa Baker; Rhonna Farrer: Grandma’s Syrup: Fortifying Your Home with Family History
Thursday, February 9, 2017 Sessions – click here!
  • Drew and Jonathan Scott: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Steve Rockwood: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • MyHeritage: RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017
  • Kelli Bergheimer: Getting Started in Genealogy
  • Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide: DNA: The Glue that Holds Families Together
  • Dana Drutman: DNA Matching on MyHeritage
  • Bryan Austad: Building Powerful Youth Consultants
  • Lara Diamond: Jewish Genealogy: Where to Look and What’s Available
  • Angie Bush: My Ancestors are in MY DNA!
  • Crystal Farish; Rhonna Farrer: Family History Is Anything but Boring
Friday, February 10, 2017 Sessions – click here!
  • Kenyatta Berry; Sherri Camp; Melvin Collier: RootsTech General Session 2017: African Heritage Presentations
  • Findmypast: RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017
  • Brian Braithwaite; Linda Gulbrandsen; Ryan Koelliker; Stephen Shumway: FamilySearch and Partners: Using All the Resources to Find Your Ancestors
  • Jason Hewlett and Finalists: Innovator Showdown Finals 2017
  • Judy G. Russell: Mothers, Daughters, Wives: Tracing Female Lines
  • Mary Kircher Roddy: Censational Census Strategies
  • Amy Harris: Next Steps in British Research
  • Rod DeGiulio: Understanding Your Family History Calling
  • Sunny Morton: Big 4: Comparing Ancestry, findmypast, FamilySearch and MyHeritage
  • Rorey Cathcart; D. Joshua Taylor; Rich Venezia: You Found it Where? Unusual Records
  • Diane Loosle: Begin at the Beginning 2017: Helping Others Love Family History
  • Jen Baldwin: Cross the Atlantic with Religious Records
  • Anna Graff; Jennifer Hadley; Katie Smith; Andrew Thomas; Tyler Thorsted: How to Preserve Your Family Heirlooms
Saturday, February 11, 2017 Sessions – click here!
  • Buddy Valastro: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • CeCe Moore: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Ancestry: RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017
  • Steve Reed, JRNL, Inc.: Journaling Principles that Work
  • Crista Cowan, Ancestry: Don’t Just Be a Searcher, Be a Researcher
  • Katherine R. Willson: Creating Google Alerts for Your Genealogy
  • Dallin Lowder; Julia Carlson: Youth + Consultants = Awesome
  • Anne Metcalf; Gregg Richardson: Getting Started with Finding Your Ancestors
Also, the RootsTech 2016 Video Archive is still available online – click here!
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